SharePoint Saturday Baltimore – Office 365 and Azure Functions

buy provigil from canada Last week, I was at Baltimore speaking at SharePoint Saturday Baltimore. I was talking about using Azure Functions for SharePoint and Office 365 Developers.

When I talk with Developers in the community they are not aware how powerful Azure Functions are and they are very useful in various scenarios. My talk was to cover just that i.e. various scenarios where we can use Azure functions when using Office 365 Services.

I covered using Azure functions with:

  1. SharePoint Webhooks
  2. SharePoint Framework
  3. PowerApps
  4. Microsoft Flow

In my session I also covered how to get started with Azure Functions and how to debug them. So if you are new to Azure functions then you should definitely take a look at Azure Functions Documentation.

It was great speaking at SharePoint Saturday Baltimore and meeting with lots of passionate users.

Kudos to all the organisors, sponsors and volunteers for successful event!!!

I look forward to speaking in next year’s event.