SharePoint Hub Sites – New way to organize your intranet

During Ignite 2017 Microsoft announced Hub Sites. Just to recap Hub sites provides following capabilities.

Cross-site navigation
Content rollup
Consistent look-and-feel
Scoped search

Today Microsoft announced that they are starting to roll-out the hub sites. Here is the screen shot from Microsoft Official blog post about this event.

First question that comes to mind is how do I use Hub sites with my existing SharePoint sites.

Currently you can convert existing communication site or modern team time into a hub site. Microsoft’s recommendation is to select (either existing or new) communication site as the hub site. Once a hub site is created, approved site owners can associate existing team sites and communication sites with the hub site.

You will need to use Register-SPOHubSite PowerShell CMDLETS to enable the Hub Site. You must be a SharePoint administrator or above in Office 365 to create SharePoint hub sites. Site owners can associate a SharePoint site with a hub site that already exists.

There is Ask Me Anything Hub Sites happening and I encourage everyone to join and ask any questions that you may have.

This is pretty exciting announcement as first release tenants will have Hub Sites available in next month or so.