I will be speaking at SharePoint Fest 2017 – Seattle

I will be speaking at SharePoint Fest Seattle 2017 on August 10 and 11. This will be my first time presenting at SPFest and I am pretty excited to be presenting at this awesome event.

I will be talking about SharePoint On-premises Search Display templates.

While I looks like Display templates do not have future with the way Microsoft is moving ahead with Modern view I still think that there are many clients who are currently using SharePoint on-premises as well as Office 365 classic view.

One word of caution if you are currently using Office 365 classic view or planning to go to Office 365 from on-premises then I personally would not want to invest too much on display templates. There is no clear direction given from Microsoft on display templates so far and hence I cannot say anything with confidence but I will be keeping an eye on all the developments.

But if you are planning on investing on Display template then definitely you should plan to attend SharePoint Fest Seattle this year as I will be talking about display template customization. I will also be covering some advanced scenario.

I look forward seeing you all there.

Edit: The URL of the event is changed since its old event but you can still access the site using the URL below.