Running Powershell CMDLET and Permissions

​This question comes up quite often. What permissions does a user need to execute a command in the SharePoint 2010 Shell?
Short answer is you will need SharePoint_Shell_Access access.
To give user SharePoint_Shell_Access access run the following command
Add-SPShellAdmin -UserName [USERNAME] -Database [DBNAME]
-Database switch is optional and if the database is not specified the configuration database is used.

SharePoint Saturday Albany – 2014

​On February 1st 2014, I presented at, first ever, SharePoint Saturday Albany​ 2014.

I presented a session in the developer track on Creating SharePoint 2013 workflow using Visual Studio 2012 (my signature session :)). It was a very well organized event in terms of planning, venue, food and prizes.
I would like to thank everyone who attended my session and special thanks to who filled the evals. Please find my presentation slides below.
Kudos to all the organizers, sponsors and volunteers for successful event!!!