Microsoft Teams Rooms – Missing join button for external meeting

If you are using Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) then you may run into issues where your external meetings are getting rendered without the join button.

On the MTR table panel it will look like this where meeting will be displayed but there is no Join button.

This is likely related to your organization using some sort of url defense system which automatically modifies the external URLs.

For your MTR devices to be properly parse the external meeting you are required to white list the Teams, Zoom and Webex URLs.

Once you whitelist the above domains you should see that external meetings are getting rendered without any issue.

Enable MTR Device to join Zoom and WebEx meetings

Microsoft Teams Rooms devices support a one-touch experience for joining third-party online meetings. When enabled, you can use Teams Rooms to join meetings hosted on Cisco WebEx and Zoom just as easily as you can join meetings hosted in Microsoft Teams.

One thing to note that this setting works just fine as long as you are using the audio and video conferencing. If you want to share the content (Host the meeting) using the laptop then you should join the Zoom or Webex meeting using your laptop and then use the MTR device for audio and video conferencing.

To configure Teams Rooms using the touchscreen console, do the following:

On the Microsoft Teams Rooms console, select More
Select Settings, and then enter the device administrator username and password.
Go to the Meetings tab and select Cisco WebEx, Zoom, or both.
If you want to join meetings with the username and email address associated with the room mailbox, select Join with room info.
If you want to join meetings with an alternate username and email address, select Join with custom info and enter username and email address you’d like to use.
Make sure you restart your device before this setting takes in effect.

MTR room not displayed when using Proximity Join

As part of testing the Microsoft Teams Rooms, I found one room was not working.

While sitting in the meeting room it was not showing that room when using the Proximity Join.

I tried the following two articles for troubleshooting:

In my case nothing worked, and I ended up requesting to replace the device as that device never worked and it was not working out of the box as part of initial testing.

Disabling Cortana in Microsoft Teams Rooms

With the latest update, Microsoft rolled out Cortana voice assistance in Microsoft Teams Rooms. It lets you have a hands-free experience for joining or ending a meeting and other actions.

This change also require change management so your users know how to use new Cortana voice assistance. If you want to disable this option until you are ready you can follow the steps below.

To turn off voice activation, Go to More More options button in your Microsoft Teams Rooms console and turn the Cortana toggle Off.

Now this does not completely remove the Cortana button. It disables it on the console.

If you are interested in removing this completely then I would recommend reading the post from Graham.

Microsoft Teams Rooms – Scheduling panels – Reserve a room

If you are implementing Microsoft Teams Rooms, make sure to look at the scheduling panel. Pretty much all certified vendors has one of these scheduling panels. In this blog post, I am using the Crestron scheduling panel images. You can install scheduling panels outside of the meeting room. It provides at a glance view of the schedule of the meeting room for the current day.

If the meeting room is available and free the panel will lit across the edges in purple.

And if you’re looking for a spot for an ad hoc meeting, the panel will tell you if the space is available now. A green rectangle means the space is free.

To reserve a room for your meeting, tap Reserve, select an end time, and tap Reserve.

Once the room is booked, a confirmation window will be displayed on the panel.

At this time there is no way to unreserve a room from the scheduling panel. Hopefully in future updates this will be added.

Changing display layout in Teams Room during Teams meeting

When you are join or start a Microsoft Teams meeting the default screen layout is set to Presentation when someone shares the content on the screen (TV in the room).

This displays the presentation in the full screen mode with no option to see participants on the screen.

To change the display layout you can use the display panel on the table and tap the layout button.

This button is only visible when someone is sharing the content.

When you click on the layout button you will see the Presentation layout is selected as default.

Tap on the Combined view option to see all the participants at the bottom of the screen.

After you select the Combined view option, if change layout screen is not closed you can close it by taping on the X sign.

Currently there is no option to make the combined view as a default. There is a uservoice item to provide this option. The new layout will also be coming to MTR.