SharePoint 2013 – SSRS – The permission granted to user Error

In this blog post I am going to talk about SharePoint Server 2013 and SQL Server Reporting Services integration. If you want to configure SSRS in SharePoint integration mode then you can refer to the article below.

Once you have SSRS configured in SharePoint Integration mode and you try to create a new report depending on the configuration you may receive the following error.

The permission granted to user ‘NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON’ are insufficient for performing this operation.

Upon some search I found that you will receive this error if you have turned on Anonymous Access at your Web application level.

  • Go to your SharePoint Central Administration
  • Click Manage Web Applications under Application Management.
  • Select the Web Application where you are getting the above error and click Authentication Provider.
  • Select the Authentication Provider Zone(default is Default).
  • Confirm that you have not checked Enable Anonymous access.

Now if you must have the Anonymous access enabled on your web application the only way you can get it working is by creating a new web application where Anonymous access is not enabled. Get your report ready on that web application and then move it to the web application where you will be using it.

Basically your report would work just fine but you will not be able to design it when you have Anonymous access enabled.

I hope this helps.