Announcing The SharePoint Framework Microsoft at “The Future of SharePoint” event Microsoft announced new ShaerPoint Framework which supports client-side development and it itegrates well with microsoft graph and Microsoft new experience story around SharePoint Onilne and OneDrive for Business.

Idea behind the SharePoint Framework is to empower SharePoint developers both inside and outside Microsoft. Microsoft engineers are building Office 365 modern experiences using the SharePoint Framework. Now we can use the same technology, tools and techniques we use to build more productive experiences and apps that are responsive and mobile-ready from day one.

The SharePoint Framework will be available to existing SharePoint sites, and you will be able to host client-side web parts developed with the new SharePoint Framework on existing SharePoint pages.

One of the core components of the SharePoint Framework is the new, modern SharePoint Page experience. In the new SharePoint user experience, pages can be technology independent and can be constructed using any client-side JavaScript and templating framework. This page structure provides a number of new opportunities, in addition to the ability to host web parts, add-ins and more.

You can read about this announcement and introduction video at the following URL.