SharePoint 2013 – Command Prompt has been disabled by Administrator

cheap flights lyrics This one is more than Windows Server Settings than SharePoint Server but since I encountered while configuring SharePoint 2013 server I decided to blog about it.

Sometimes when working with Windows Server 2008 R2 higher (requirement for SP 2013 :)) you will notice that you cannot use command prompt. When you try to use command prompt you will get an error “Command prompt has been disabled by Administrator”.

This is nothing but group policy setting that is set so that you cannot use the command prompt.

Two ways you can fix this.

1) Open your Run command and type GPEdit.msc. If running Run command gives you an error then use option # 2.

2) Start windows PowerShell command prompt as Administrator and then type GPEdit.msc.

This will open group policy editor.

User Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> System and double click “Prevent access to the command prompt”

Make sure you select this policy is disabled. Even if it read Not Configured try setting it to Disable.

This should fix the issue.