SharePoint Saturday – New York 2016

Last week, I was at New York speaking at SharePoint Saturday NYC. It was pretty exciting to see more than 600 user attending SharePoint Saturday NYC and also gave me chance to meet many of my speaker friends. The event was at Microsoft office in New York.

I would like to thank everyone who attended my session. I presented on creating SharePoint 2016 farm on Microsoft Azure using Azure Resource Manager (ARM).
It is always amazing to speak at SharePoint Saturday New York since it is one of the biggest SharePoint community event with over 500 attendees every year.

Kudos to all the organisors, sponsors and volunteers for successful event!!!

I look forward to speaking in next year’s SharePoint Saturday NYC.

PowerShell – Querying User Profile Service Application – SharePoint Server 2013

This blog is quick way to show you how you can query your user profile service application for specific user. It is always easy to find user by using the UserName but in case where you do not have username available but the display name available e.g. someone giving you excel file to load data in SharePoint list.

In that case you can use the following script to query the user profile service application using the display name.

Here is the script.


Add-PSSnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell

$site = Get-SPSite ""

$web = $site.OpenWeb();

$context = Get-SPServiceContext $site;

$profileManager = New-Object Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfileManager($context);   

$searchPattern = “USER DISPLAY NAME”;   

$searchResults = $profileManager.Search($searchPattern);

foreach($result in $searchResults)
    write-host $result.AccountName;


SharePoint randomly not displaying JPG images

Today when working at a client site I ran into weird issue. Some of the sites that are using JPG images were not getting displayed in Internet Explorer. Instead of images it was showing the image not found icon i.e. X.

When I started debugging first thing I did was to open the page in Chrome and it worked just fine so that told me right away that the issue is related to browser support.

Quick research on this issue and I was able to figure out the issue.

So the issue was with the image itself. When you have .jpg image it could be in one of the two formats i.e. CMYK or RGB. Internet Explorer dropped CMYK support starting Internet Explorer 8.0. So when you have JPG image with CMYK format then it will not work in Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher.

To fix this simply open this image into image editor and change the format to RGB. If you do not have the image editor then simply open the Paint and save the image again as JPG and Paint will save it RGB format. After that you can upload it to SharePoint and it should work just fine.


I hope this helps someone with the same issue.

Announcing The SharePoint Framework

Microsoft at “The Future of SharePoint” event Microsoft announced new ShaerPoint Framework which supports client-side development and it itegrates well with microsoft graph and Microsoft new experience story around SharePoint Onilne and OneDrive for Business.

Idea behind the SharePoint Framework is to empower SharePoint developers both inside and outside Microsoft. Microsoft engineers are building Office 365 modern experiences using the SharePoint Framework. Now we can use the same technology, tools and techniques we use to build more productive experiences and apps that are responsive and mobile-ready from day one.

The SharePoint Framework will be available to existing SharePoint sites, and you will be able to host client-side web parts developed with the new SharePoint Framework on existing SharePoint pages.

One of the core components of the SharePoint Framework is the new, modern SharePoint Page experience. In the new SharePoint user experience, pages can be technology independent and can be constructed using any client-side JavaScript and templating framework. This page structure provides a number of new opportunities, in addition to the ability to host web parts, add-ins and more.

You can read about this announcement and introduction video at the following URL.

Microsoft Flow Preview

For anyone that is not following Microsoft Flow went to public preview. Microsoft Flow is a product to help you set up automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more.

Using Microsoft flow you can connect to your favorite services like Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

Automate your time-consuming tasks

You can sign up for free at the following URL and check it out.

This looks very promising and I am hoping that on May 4th Microsoft provides more insight into this product.

How to enable Office 365 new Document Library Updates

Microsoft recently rolled out document library updates for some tenants in SharePoint Online. (Office 365). If you have not read about this then Ben have done a really good job providing all the details. You can read his blog here.

One thing to note this change is not rolled-out to everyone. It is just to the tenant who selected to participate in preview features.

So if you want to have these changes and any future updates rolled out to your tenant as soon they are available then you follow the steps below.

1) Go to your SharePoint Admin page.
2) On your SharePoint Admin page click Settings.
3) On the settings page scroll down and select Enable Preview Features under Preview Features section.
4) Click OK.

Now after you perform these steps it could take up-to 72 hours for changes to rolled out. So be patience and eventually you would see a message on your document library page about the changes.

I hope this helps someone.