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Today Microsoft announced that their API Sandbox for Office 365 API will now have support for C#. Initially when it was released last year it only supported JavaScript.

API Sandbox runs your code in a “sandbox” environment which MS set it up. You can validate your code simply by clicking the “Run” button. Results will be displayed in the “Console” panel underneath the code snippets.

Visit the API Sandbox Here: buy acyclovir 800 mg

You can read more about it at the following blog post.

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Sample Data:

If you want to know more about Sample data you can read the following article. This article shows the data that is associated with the sample user in the sample tenant:

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Recently when working with Office 365 I was bit surprised to see that when I try to add a new site theme I was getting Access Denied error. I verified and double checked that I have all the required permission but still no dice.

So I Binged and came across order acyclovir cream. As per the article you will get this error if you have not turned on the option to run the custom script. This option by default is turned off in SharePoint Admin section.

To check this go to your tenant SharePoint Admin section and click Settings from the left navigation. Scroll down and you should see a section for custom script.

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As mentioned in the article above click both allow options and wait for some time for your SharePoint Designer to start obeying you. 🙂

I would highly recommend you read the buy acyclovir 800 mg cheap as it also has PowerShell way of turning this feature.